Stramatel Aquaconnect


  • 1 Set of 8 C1onnection Boxes “Aquaconnect”
  • 8 Start Buttons
  • Transmission Cables
  • Operating and Installation Instructions


  • Use : Indoor or Outdoor
  • Transmission : Caable Controlled
  • Dimensions : 130 x 65 x 55 mm
  • Weight : ea. Module : 500 g
  • Connections : The Module is Equipped with 3 Female Banana Plugs :
    • 1 for the connection of the Touch Pad (Aquatouch)
    • 1 for the start button
    • 1 for the false Start Pad (Aquafalse)


Collects the signals given by the touch pad, the false start pad and the start button. One connection module is dedicated to each lane and is installed behind the start block. Each connection module is an independent electronic unit. They are connected to each other by a non-removable cable and then linked with the Aquaswim interface for direct registration of the intermediary and final times of each lane.

Compatibility : Aquasport V timing system (including the Aquaswim software)